Need help?

If you have other questions, which aren’t covered below or on the Policies page, please do get in touch with me, Carina, using this email: carina@polkaandbloom.com

I’ll get back to you as as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours – but please have patience with me if I do not get back to you instantly. It’s just li’l ol’ me looking after everything and I have to sleep and take the dog for a walk sometimes too! 😉

If it is urgent and you haven’t heard from me within 72 hours, feel free to email me again.

Where can I buy your patterns or ebooks?CheckoutDownload helpBuying a gift for someone elseLefthanded stitchersOther languagesI have a floss question

Where can I buy your patterns or ebooks?

For tedious and complicated VAT reasons I am unable to sell my patterns and ebooks directly here from polkaandbloom.com. Please check out my shops on Payhip and Etsy to purchase.


Something’s not working, I can’t check out!

I’m sorry you’re having problems with the checkout! Sometimes it’s simply a matter of a temporary glitch and everything will work fine later on after re-starting the browser. If that doesn’t work, it could work on a different device like a mobile phone or tablet.

If nothing else works, please get in touch with me and I’ll do my best to help you! If you can describe what happens (or maybe doesn’t happen), in as much detail as possible, when you try to check out that would be really helpful in trying to solve the problem.


I didn’t receive an email about the file download, help!

Have a look in your spam/junk filter – sometimes the emails end up there. Check with the website where you ordered the pattern/ebook to see what they suggest. If all else fails, send me an email and I’ll look into it!

I got the download email but it’s not working?

Have you tried the link in another browser? Or maybe just close and re-open the browser window – that sometimes helps!

Otherwise you should be able to download the file/s in your account on the website where you ordered them. If none of this works, just email me and I’ll sort it out for you.

Help! I downloaded the files to my computer but it crashed and I lost the patterns! Can I download them again?

Please log in to your account on the website where you ordered them and you should be able to download them again.  If all else fails, email me with your name, date of purchase and the order number and I’ll email the file/s to you. I must have atleast two of these pieces of information to make it easier to locate your order.

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Buying a gift for someone else

Can I buy a pattern subscription as a gift for someone else?

Yes, absolutely! Please get in touch with me because I’ll need some extra information from you.

I’d like to buy a pattern or ebook as a gift, is that possible?

Yes, absolutely! Please get in touch with me because I’ll need some extra information from you.

I’d like to buy a book or other physical item as a gift, can I do that?

Yes, of course! When you check out, please write me a message via Paypal’s ‘message to seller’ feature or send me an email. Please include your order number and the name and address of the recipient.

Please email me before checking out if the recipient lives in a different country from you, because there may be a difference in shipping costs.

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Lefthanded stitchers

I’m lefthanded, will your ebooks work for me?

I have lefthanded versions of my Small Stitches and Stitching Borders and Beyond ebooks. I’ve had positive feedback about these from lefthanded stitchers.

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Other languages

Can I write to you in a language other than English?

Well, if your language is one of the following, then yes: Danish, English, Swedish, Italian and German. I can only reply in Danish or English, though!

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Floss questions

What kind of floss/embroidery thread do you use?

I use DMC stranded cotton for all my patterns.

How many strands of floss do you use?

I use two strands of floss when stitching my patterns.