About Carina

Hi, my name is Carina Envoldsen-Harris and I am an embroidery designer, author and teacher. I have been working with embroidery since 2009.

Polka & Bloom is my embroidery pattern ‘brand’. polkaandbloom.com is the shop for physical products such as books and things I have stitched by hand.

I am the author of a few embroidery books, the most recent one is Thread Doodling, published by Search Press in 2020. Other books: Stitched Blooms (Lark Crafts 2013); Romantic Motifs (Search Press 2016);  Mandalas to Embroider (Search Press 2017) and Folk Art Embroidery (Thunder Bay 2018).

My work is inspired by lots of things: flowers, leaves, architecture, art history, folk art and, above all else: colour. My patterns are full of colour and I hope they give joy to anyone who stitches them!

I am originally from Denmark, but now live just outside London with my English husband and adorable dog.

I have studied Italian language & history, art history and multimedia design. I used to think these different interests made me terribly scattered but they have all come in handy in my freelance life!

I write a blog called Carina’s Craftblog and you can also find me on Instagram and Twitter. I’m @carinacraftblog in both of those places.

In my spare time I like to embroider (yes, I do it for fun as well!), sew quilts and draw.

I am a vegan so I also like to spend time in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and coming up with fun new ways to prepare chickpeas. I love chickpeas! 🙂

The story of the Polka & Bloom name.