Happy World Embroidery Day!

Free embroidery pattern

Happy World Embroidery Day! If there’s a random day of note to celebrate, one for embroidery is definitely at the top of my list!

To celebrate, I made a pattern for you, one of my recent drawings of wild flowers, Ranunculus Ficaria. You can grab a copy in the ‘tip jar’ section of my shop. You can also download it here until August 6th without going through the shop.

There are two sizes of the pattern and both in reversed versions too. If you need a way to change the size of the pattern to something else, here’s a tutorial for that.

Happy stitching! 🙂

xo Carina

Pattern Throwback – Summer Bouquet

Pattern Throwback Thursday
This week’s Throwback pattern is Summer Bouquet. Full of leaves and buds and flowers and hearts and tendrils. All the things I love to include. My patterns do tend to be quite busy in a small space. I think maybe I have a bit of ‘horror vacui’ (fear of empty space). Must fill every little space with tendrils or French knots!

One day I’d love to stitch this again, I think it would be lovely in Delft blue. 🙂

Summer Bouquet embroidery pattern

Find Summer Bouquet here: polkaandbloom.com: World//EU. Etsy. Payhip.

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Pattern Throwback – Flower Crown Reverie

Pattern Throwback Thursday

Flower Crown Reverie embroidery pattern
This pattern, it’s quite simple. I tend to use a lot of colours in my patterns, cram in lots of stitches. But not here. Not a lot going on, only a few colours, too. I like it. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s ok to make something simple. Something that is just a pleasure to stitch. Almost meditative.

The pattern feels sweet and romantic. Because it is. It is inspired by summer evening walks, picking flowers while the sun sets and putting them in your hair. Using different colours and adding names and dates, it would be a lovely embroidery for a romantic gift or for a birthday.

Because it’s so simple, it’s a great pattern for beginner stitchers, you only need to know a few stitches – or learn them as you go – to make a pretty stitchery. That is one of the beautiful things about embroidery, you can make something beautiful even as a beginner. 🙂

Flower Crown Reverie embroidery pattern

Find Flower Crown Reverie here: polkaandbloom.com: World//EU. Payhip. Etsy
Flower Crown Reverie - embroidery pattern

Pattern Throwback – Calavera Sugar Skull

Pattern Throwback Thursday
The Pattern Throwback this week is the Calavera Sugar Skull pattern. Continuing a bit of a Mexican theme from last week’s Las Flores de Frida. I’m not really into skulls in general, but I love sugar skulls. I think my stitched version is a pretty funky chap.

In the pattern I also included a female version with earrings and stuff. A skull with earrings, of course! 🙂

Calavera embroidery pattern
Look at the watermark on the photos, 2011! Time flies like crazy! Maybe it’s time to do another pattern to go along with the other Mexican inspired ones. Next could be a Calavera Catrina, I’ve been thinking about that for a while.

Stitch yourself a Calavera Sugar Skull: polkaandbloom.comPayhipEtsy.

Calavera embroidery pattern - detail

Pattern Throwback – Las Flores de Frida

Pattern Throwback Thursday
For this week’s Pattern Throwback it’s one of my all time favourites: Las Flores de Frida, Frida’s Flowers. I admire Frida Kahlo so much. I knew eventually I’d do a pattern portrait of her, but it took its time because I wanted it to do her justice. It couldn’t feel like a caricature of her. I hope I have captured some of her spirit in the pattern. If only the teeniest tiny bit.

It’s a portrait of Frida, but somewhat simplified to make it easier to stitch, but I wanted it to feel like a real person, not like someone who’d been airbrushed to look perfect. She was flawed and fierce. On my blog I wrote a couple of posts about the making of Frida, you can find them here: making the pattern and stitching the pattern.


You can find Frida in my various shops: polkaandbloom.comPayhipEtsy.


Dala Horse – Pattern Throwback Thursday

Pattern Throwback Thursday
It is time for another Pattern Throwback Thursday and this week it is the Dala Horse pattern. I love Dala horses. It’s a Swedish icon, of course, but growing up in Denmark, it’s a very familiar thing too. I love that the wooden horses are still hand painted so each one is unique. And they are so colourful, that inspires me a lot.

My Dala horse pattern has the classic red colour, but you can stitch it in any colour you like. Dala horses come in all sizes and colours. 🙂

If you want to grab yourself a copy to stitch the Dala Horse pattern you can of course find it in my various shops: polkaandbloom.com – Payhip – Etsy.

Swedish horse pattern - Dala Häst