Pattern Throwback Thursday
For this week’s Pattern Throwback it’s one of my all time favourites: Las Flores de Frida, Frida’s Flowers. I admire Frida Kahlo so much. I knew eventually I’d do a pattern portrait of her, but it took its time because I wanted it to do her justice. It couldn’t feel like a caricature of her. I hope I have captured some of her spirit in the pattern. If only the teeniest tiny bit.

It’s a portrait of Frida, but somewhat simplified to make it easier to stitch, but I wanted it to feel like a real person, not like someone who’d been airbrushed to look perfect. She was flawed and fierce. On my blog I wrote a couple of posts about the making of Frida, you can find them here: making the pattern and stitching the pattern.


You can find Frida in my various shops: polkaandbloom.comPayhipEtsy.


Pattern Throwback – Las Flores de Frida